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Should I File Bankruptcy?

When some people hear the term “bankruptcy,” they shirk away. On the other hand, some people prematurely announce they are going to declare bankruptcy, file the paperwork and discover that they really did not need to in the first place. Understanding the seriousness of your financial circumstances will help you…

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Property and Bankruptcy

If you own property, the prospect of bankruptcy becomes even more serious. You may have people who rely on you for a place to live or for a place to work. If you are under the pressure of having to consider bankruptcy, you need to be aware of all of…

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Liens and Bankruptcy

If you currently have any judgment liens against your car or home, there’s a good chance you can eliminate those liens by filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, otherwise known as lien avoidance. Here are some common cases where you can potentially avoid certain judgment liens. Types of Judgment Liens You Can…

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Frozen Bank Accounts

A frozen bank account is an account that cannot be used for any purpose such as withdrawal of money, money transfers or bill paying services. Bank accounts are frozen or attached by creditors who get a judgement against the account holder to get the money owed to the creditor. If…

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Fair Credit Billing Act

Have you been the victim of credit card fraud and the credit card company won’t listen to you? Have you been billed for charges you did not make? If so, both the Fair Credit Billing Act and our bankruptcy law firm can help you solve your credit card or billing…

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What’s Dischargable Debt

When you file Chapter 7, 11, 12 or 13 bankruptcy, one of the many terms you will encounter during the process is that of dischargeable debts. Our law firm will help you with these debts and provide you with an understanding of the differences between dischargeable and non-dischargeable debts. The…

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What’s consumer law

Consumer Law refers to the area of law that’s designed to protect the average consumer and to offer them a legal way of getting reparations concerning any damage caused by defective products. A vast number of subjects are covered under consumer law, such as warranties, specific contracts, consumer privacy, and…

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Bankruptcy Property Exemptions

Bankruptcy is governed by federal law, (United States Code Title 11 Sections 101 et sequitur (11 US Code 101 et seq)) which at 11 US Code 522 lists exemptions debtors can use to keep property of up to certain values out of their bankruptcy estates. A debtor’s bankruptcy estate is all property and…

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Bankruptcy Myths

Bankruptcy has quite a negative reputation, and it’s unfortunate that this keeps people from utilizing all the resources available to them. The many myths associated with bankruptcy could be holding you back. Before you turn your back on bankruptcy, take a look at these shattered myths first. Myth: Everybody is…

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Bankruptcy FAQ

Bankruptcy FAQ Do your finances have you at the end of your rope? Are you looking for some financial assistance but don’t know where to turn? If so, the team of experienced lawyers that work at our bankruptcy firm may be able to offer you the exact help you need….

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Bankruptcy and Divorce

Generally speaking, when it comes to bankruptcy and divorce, bankruptcy should ideally be your main priority rather than divorce. In most cases, when someone is going through a divorce and also filing for bankruptcy, it can holdup the distribution of liabilities and assets until the bankruptcy is final. In other…

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